What Would You Show at the Paramount?


SXSW 2009 at the Paramount

The Paramount Theatre is holding a raffle right now to benefit the theater's youth outreach program. The website doesn't say what the deadline is for buying raffle tickets, but they're announcing the winner on September 23, so I assume it's shortly before that date.

The winner gets to hold a private film night at the Paramount and invite anyone they want -- up to 1,100 audience members total. The website says you can show "the movie of your choice" but it also says restrictions apply, which probably means No Porn, although you'll have to win to find that out for sure. You can't charge admission for the event, either.

I've spent way too much time daydreaming about what movie I'd want to show if I could have the Paramount for a night. I love Brazil and The Wild Bunch, which both look awesome in a theater, but on the other hand, maybe I'd want to pick something not available on DVD right now? Or perhaps I should go with the Slackerwood theme and pick something shot here in Austin, or with an Austin connection. Kid Blue or A Foreign Affair? Last Night at the Alamo or Holiday? What to choose, what to choose ...

Which brings me to this morning's question: If you won the Paramount for a night, what movie would you want to show? And would you invite as many people as possible, or keep it a private night with you and your date, or a small handful of friends? Please share your own daydreams in the comments.