Ready, Set, Fund: Life and Death in the New Year


Ready, Set, Fund is a column about crowdfunding and fundraising endeavors related to Austin and Texas independent film projects.

It's a new year, which means resolutions, like finally writing that screenplay or making that movie you've been talking about since college. (Trust me, your family and friends will thank you when you stop threatening to defame your hometown in a movie.) This month's "Ready, Set, Fund" recognizes a few Texas filmmakers who are asking you, the general public, to help make their New Year's Resolutions come true, whether that's through financial support or promotion, as their crowdfunding campaigns come to a close. (If not for the filmmakers, then for their family and friends.)

Help bring Mr. Meow to life by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign. The plush rabbit is the costar of The Adventures of Dr. Blah-kman & Mr. Meow, an Austin-made animated series that could become a reality if its campaign goal is reached by Jan. 31. If the campaign is successful, a 22-minute pilot episode will be created, along with the first batch of Mr. Meow plush toys. How purrrfect.

If anthropomorphic animals aren't your thing, you can help breathe life into the science-fiction drama And Life, about a man who's struggling to find himself after his twin brother's death. In an effort to spark conversations about how we as individuals and a society view death, the movie is donating 5 percent of all funds raised on its Indiegogo campaign to the Sims Foundation and the Health Alliance For Austin Musicians (HAAM). The campaign ends Jan. 24.

"Without my coffee I am AMONG THE DEAD," will appear on the coffee mug perk for the Indiegogo campaign of Among The Dead. And without the funds raised for the indie flick about a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, well, the local cast and crew will have to continue to walk among the living. Save them from the boredom by Tuesday, when the movie's campaign ends.

The Juani Begood Show wants to help prevent people from stabbing themselves in the leg with a pencil (or at least help stop the bleeding) by changing the way women are depicted in the movies. This Austin sketch comedy series (a Kickstarter staff pick), created entirely by women, has less than a week left to meet its goal. You can find out more about the series in the video below:

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