The Future Lies Outside Our Door: Other Worlds Austin Lands In December


Other Worlds Austin Laurel

The winter holidays can, indeed, be out of this world. And a group of local filmmakers and science-fiction enthusiasts are pushing those boundaries with the launch of Austin's first dedicated science-fiction film festival, Other Worlds Austin, from Dec. 4-6 at Galaxy Highland 10 (6700 Middle Fiskville).

Less than six months after its founding, Other Worlds Austin recently announced its lineup, which includes:

  • The Well (Texas premiere, opening-night movie) -- It hasn't rained in a decade, and a greedy water baron has laid claim to the remaining resource. Because of this a teenager must decide whether to run and hide or fight for the people and things she cherishes most.
  • Time Lapse -- A thriller about three friends who discover a camera that takes photos 24 hours into the future. They decide to use the machine for personal gain, until disturbing images begin to appear.
  • Apt 3D (world premiere) -- A young couple moves into a New York City apartment only to be assaulted by strange noises and suspicious, paranormal activity. The movie stars Jordan Lewis, who produced the SXSW feature The Heart Machine, and Harris County native Maxxe Sternbaum.
  • The Sun Devil and the Princess (world premiere) -- This mini-feature, set in an alternate reality of myth and magic, tells the story of a samurai who returns to save a princess as a way of paying off a long-standing debt of honor.
  • Backyard Blockbusters (Austin premiere, world premiere of new cut) -- A documentary about movie remakes and inspirations by fans.
  • The Reconstruction of William Zero (US premiere) -- Amy Seimetz (Upstream Color, which was shot around Dallas) stars alongside Melissa McBride of The Walking Dead in this drama about a genetic engineer who, after the tragic death of his son, decides to clone himself in an attempt to create a version without the guilt and pain. The Reconstruction of William Zero will be the festival's closing-night movie.
  • Aura (US premiere) -- This Hungarian teen thriller follows a group of misfits who wake up in a car in an empty field, surrounded by a mysterious bubble that reacts to their touch.
  • Bloody Knuckles (Texas premiere) -- An irreverent tale of a zombie hand and the comic-book artist from which it was cut off.

In total, Other Worlds Austin will screen seven features, one mini-feature and three shorts programs. Included in the shorts are movies by Austinites Sean Corbin (One Last Question) and Andrew Olson (Blackout).

Bears Fonte, former director of programming for Austin Film Festival, founded Other Worlds Austin as a shorts program after discovering the number of excellent science-fiction movies that other fests just didn't seem to have room for. Now that he's no longer with AFF, he expanded his idea into a full weekend festival for sf shorts and features alike.

Like Fonte, programmers with Other Worlds Austin love science fiction and most write or create movies in the genre. The team includes former Austin Studios stage manager and Austin Film Society intern/apprentice Reid Lansford and former AFF employees Kelsey Hockmuller and Jordan Brown.

Badges for the inaugural Other Worlds Austin festival are $45 and give you access to all screenings, as well as entrance to the Saturday morning party, "2014: A Brunch Odyssey at the Goodnight." The festival is also accepting volunteer applications.

[Other Worlds Austin "official selection" laurel designed by Bears Fonte]