SXSW Film 2014: Managing Your (Crazy) Schedule


SXSW Film logoHere are a few tips for managing your SXSW 2014 Film schedule:

  • Keep track of your schedule through SXSocial.
  • You can add films from the film conference schedule by clicking the star icon next to any title.
  • You can also click any title for an expanded description, and then click More Details for the full page, which includes an Add to my schedule button and alternate showtimes on the lower right.
  • After you have added selections to your schedule, the My Schedule link will show you your schedule day-by-day.
  • Start by scheduling films that only have one screening time.
  • After those are set, look for shows you want to see that are in the same theater that day. This will keep your travel needs to a minimum.
  • If you do schedule shows back to back that are in different locations, keep in mind the travel time between them. 
  • If two or more shows you want to see happen at the same time, add both to your schedule so you have an alternate in case your first pick is full.  
  • If something just won't work out, don't worry. Many popular selections will have added screenings later in the week. 
  • Many people tend to prefer scheduling films they may never have another chance to see outside of SXSW. The big Hollywood premieres are popular, and there is a thrill in seeing the stars up close, but the documentary category is full of gems that make it rewarding in addition to avoiding often long lines and crushing crowds.
  • Don't forget to move your clocks up one hour today, since Daylight Saving Time is now in effect.
  • Have fun!

Got any ideas or suggestions to help manage your schedule? Add them to the comments below.