Film on Tap: Repeal, Cinema Six and A Very Bad Santa


Cinema SixFilm on Tap is a column about the many ways that beer (or sometimes booze) and cinema intersect in Austin.

The 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition was marked earlier this month with special events at local bars and brewpubs. Local PBS station KLRU re-aired the 2011 Ken Burns three-part documentary Prohibition. Directed by Burns and Lynn Novick, this fascinating series documents the contributing factors of Victorian-age morality and events that led to the passage of the 18th Amendment that prohibited alcohol.

If you missed the rebroadcast of Prohibition, you can watch this well-crafted documentary on Netflix or iTunes. Prohibition is also available to rent at both locations of Vulcan Video.

Rogness Brewing Company offers a monthly film event at the brewery, and the featured film on Saturday, December 21 is indie comedy Cinema Six, which was filmed in Central Texas. Mark Potts wrote and directed this humorous film, and I'm sure some local cast (seen at top) and crew will be in attendance at this free event. The screening starts at 7 pm, and pints of Rogness Brewing craft beer will be available for purchase in the tasting room.

The Alamo Drafthouse has several special events this month featuring libations. Check out Cinema Cocktails: The Hudsucker Proxy on Monday, December 30, 7 pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. Lauded by Drafthouse programmer Greg MacLennan as "perhaps the greatest New Year’s Eve film ever made," this screening of Joel and Ethan Coen's satirical and comedic tale of the corporate world will feature themed cocktails handcrafted by my favorite mixologist, Alamo Drafthouse Beverage Director Bill Norris.

The holidays are often marked with an overindulgence of mirth in liquid form, and sometimes even Santa gets in on the merriment. The Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane presents a Bad Santa Quote-Along on Tuesday, December 17, at 7:15 pm. Billy Bob Thornton plays Willie, "an alcoholic conman who teams up with a black midget to rip off department stores once a year by getting hired as a Santa and then breaking in after hours."

This quote-along will feature subtitling of every swear word in this unrated version, so rest assured that this special event from The Action Pack is not for the faint-hearted. Join in on a genuine tostada-eating competition before Bad Santa as well as a drinking game after the show -- non-alcoholic beverages for health and safety reasons.

The most popular and longest running quote-along at the Drafthouse returns with The Big Lebowski Quote-Along on Friday, December 27, and Friday, January 3, at Alamo Ritz. Both shows screen at 11 pm, and you can catch an evening screening at 7:15 pm on Monday, January 6, at the Slaughter Lane location.

Complete with subtitles and inflatable bats as well as a giant-sized bowling game before the show, enjoy the cult classic featuring the Dude (Jeff Bridges) as he reluctantly becomes involved in a ferret-filled and weed-fueled adventure. White Russians are discounted to $5 during the show.