Photo Essay: Texas Film Hall of Fame 2013 Awards (Part Two)


TXFHoF 2013

Part One of my photo essay covered the red carpet for the Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards last month. Here are a few more red carpet photos as well as some taken during the ceremony and after-party.

For this part of the photo essay, I'd like to thank Austin Film Society for sharing their photos from the event -- it was dark and I'm not a professional photographer. AFS has a Flickr set of Texas Film Hall of Fame photos where you can see more.

The above photo is from the red carpet -- Austin filmmaker Robert Rodriguez doing a quick interview. And next we have another red-carpet photo: actress Robin Wright, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame later that evening. I had been watching her the week before in a marathon viewing of House of Cards so it was almost uncanny to see her in person.

TXFHoF 2013

I had to include a photo of Ray Benson.


AFS co-founder Richard Linklater received an award this year -- or rather, his film Dazed and Confused did. He's with Wiley Wiggins, who was in the movie.

TFHOF 2013

Actress Julie Hagerty inducted actor Stephen Tobolowsky into the Texas Film Hall of Fame this year. You can see the award itself below.

TFHOF 2013 (256)

Robin Wright received her award from Rob Reiner.


Honoree Annette O'Toole is with Michael McKean, who presented her award and is also her husband. After she received the award they sang "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" together (which they wrote), which may be the most adorable moment onstage ever in the history of the Texas Film Hall of Fame.

TFHOF 2013 (320)

At one point during the ceremony, local filmmaker/actor/philanthropist Turk Pipkin took the stage and re-enacted his ping-pong trick from Waiting for Guffman. This is what Pipkin looked like waiting in the wings beforehand. I love this photo.


Finally, here's one of the Coco Coquette dancers performing at the after-party.

TXFHoF 2013

[Photo credits: Robert Rodriguez, Robin Wright and after-party dancer by J. Kernion, all rights reserved. The following photos used with permission from Austin Film Society: Ray Benson and friend by Alysse Gafkjen. Richard Linklater and Wiley Wiggins, Julie Hagerty and Stephen Tobolowsky, Annette O'Toole and Michael McKean by Gary Miller. Robin Wright and Rob Reiner and Turk Pipkin by Todd Wolfson.]