'The XXXX Saga' Production Diary: Week Four


The XXXX Saga, Week Four

Austin filmmaker James Christopher is directing Twitchy Dolphin Flix's new mockumentary-style features The XXXX Saga: Rise of the Beaver Slayer and The Porn Movie Massacre (no, they're not pornos). Check Slackerwood for his updates as the production continues.

Since variety is the spice of life, it was a blast on the Quad-X set this past weekend. Scenes dealing with the attempt to shut down the porn company and scenes dealing with some of the more "horror" aspects were shot during three days of crazy shooting.

We welcomed actress Allison Wood back on set. Allison, a fixture in Austin indie film, has been in Twitchy films since the very beginning. She and Twitchy owner Nathan Bybee took a turn as married senators bent on saving the world from non-Christians. Nothing like poking some fun at the politicians who are trying to push us in a more restrictive direction. That's the core of why were doing the movie.

You don't have to like porn to get the film. But we hope that we all agree that all speech is worth protecting. As a graduate of The University of Texas, and seeing how my university is being pushed in a direction that is skewing less intellectually, it's a very important distinction to draw. And Nathan and Allison did it in spades.

Friday saw us diving into XXXX2 with a vengeance. Lots of blood. We did five kill scenes in a very long day. Aaron Gaudin continues to amaze with the F/X work he's doing. We shot at the same place most of Abram's Hand was shot.  It was nice to be home.

Saturday had a special treat. Cherry Pie finds Jesus in the arms of Jerry, played by Mike Williams. Mike is a long time Twitchy supporter and the manager for the band Texas Renegade, which provides much of the sound behind Twitchy Dolphin.

So we continue to move forward. Actors from Toronto and LA will be in town in the coming weeks. Next week will be epic and then we take a break for the Bare Bones Film festival.