SXSW 2013 Photos: 'Sake-Bomb' Premiere


director Sakino and cast of SAKE-BOMB

I had planned to see the dark foreign film The Five Seasons at the Violet Crown on opening night, but was easily convinced by my friend Anna Hanks to try Sake-Bomb instead. The light cross-cultural road-trip comedy was just what I needed after the intense Upstream Color screening. Sake-Bomb was filmed in both Japan and California, and follows sake factory employee Naoto (Gaku Hamada) as he visits his uncle and cousin Sebastian (Eugene Kim) in L.A. and tries to find the woman who broke his heart (and lives in Petaluma).

Director Junya Sakino introduced the film, and since it was the movie's world premiere, some cast members were in attendance as well. I was in theatre 4 during the screening, and we watched the live feed from theatre 3.  When it started, we actually worried we'd be watching the film via the live feed as well, but they then switched it on for our screen.

director and cast of SAKE-BOMB

Director Junya Sakino (on the left) called the cast on stage beforehand for a little celebration.

director and cast of SAKE-BOMB

Director Sakino leading us in the "Sake-Bomb" chant as the cast prepares to hit open this celebratory (empty) sake drum.

Translator, Gaku Hamada, Junya Sakino and Eugene Kim from SAKE-BOMB

(From L-R) Producer Yuko Shiomaki (who was translating for Gaku Hamada), actor Gaku Hamada (Naoto), director Junya Sakino and actor Eugene Kim (Sebastian) during the Q&A after the screening

Director Junya Sakino and Samantha Quan from SAKE-BOMB

Director Junya Sakino with actress Jenn Liu (who plays Olivia in the film).

Director Junya Sakino and and cast members from SAKE-BOMB

(From L-R) Director Junya Sakino, Jessika Van (Annie), Chrissie Fit (Edie), producer Yuko Shiomaki, Jenn Liu (Olivia) and producer Hiromitsu Senoo.

[Photo credit: all photos courtesy of Anna Hanks, via Flickr]