Austin at SXSW 2013: Trieste Kelly Dunn 'Loves Her Gun'


Trieste Kelly Dunn in Loves Her Gun 

The latest film from Austin director Geoff Marslett, Loves Her Gun, has its world premiere at SXSW, screening tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:30 pm at Violet Crown (screening info). Actress Trieste Kelly Dunn stars as Allie, a troubled woman who heads to Austin after surviving an attack in NYC. 

Dunn herself is a native of Utah, attended North Carolina School for the Arts and is now a resident of Brooklyn.  Before the rush of the film festival starts, she talked with us via email about getting to play a female character who isn't reasonable, going tubing in Texas, and more.

Slackerwood: What was your casting experience like for Loves Her Gun? How did you hear about the film?

Trieste Kelly Dunn: Geoff sent me a Facebook message about it. It sounded really exciting. Then he sent me an outline and I got even more excited. Then he said he wanted to improvise the dialogue and I got terrified.

What is your favorite aspect of the character of Allie?

Dunn: I love that she's a mess. I think she's trapped in her anxiety and, really, her imagination. She's not a "nice girl" with an even temperment. It's fun playing someone who isn't "likable."

As an actress you're often told things like [be] more sweet, smile more, flirt more, be warmer. Fuck that. That's not the whole picture. That usually comes from network TV directors who need you to play into an idea of how they think women ought to be or what they think viewers want to see.

It's nice not having to do that sort of acting in independent films. At this moment in her life, I like that [Allie] is a fuck up and makes bad choices and isn't reasonable. What's the fun of being reasonable? Reasonable is not fun for an actor.

How long were you in Austin for the project? Where were your favorite places to hang out off the set?

Dunn: Oh man. Where do I begin? I love Austin. The weird tradition of floating down a river with a tube full of beer has to be one of the best things ever invented.

Also, one night at Cheer Up Charlies they played country music. There were cowboys and hipsters and everything else and everyone was doing the two-step. So great!! Dying for another night like that in Texas. Brooklyn would try and make something like that happen but it wouldn't be authentic.

Are there any other projects you've worked on recently that you want to tell us about?

Dunn: I'm on a new TV series for Cinemax called Banshee. We start shooting the second season in a month. I haven't read any new eps yet, but I hear I get to do some crazy stuff so I'm very excited. I also have an arc on a series that's airing right now on CBS called Golden Boy.

Have you been to SXSW before? Any event (doesn't have to be film-related) you're looking forward to?

Dunn: I have been to SXSW before and I am totally overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to see and do!!!! Tell me what to do!

Loves Her Gun screens four times at SXSW -- encore screenings are on Monday at 1:45 pm at Topfer Theatre, Tuesday at 11:15 am at Alamo Drafthouse Village, and Friday at 4 pm at Topfer.