Topfer Theatre at ZACH

202 South Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
(512) 476-0541

Zach Topfer Theater - Austin, Texas

The Topfer Theatre is a fairly new theater, having opened in September 2012. It's designed for live stage performances, but is also used as a movie-theater venue for some film festivals like SXSW.

Pros: It's the second-biggest venue at SXSW, so it shouldn't be difficult to get a seat at most screenings.

Cons: It's not in the middle of downtown, so allow yourself some extra time for the shuttle. During the Music fest, the shuttle route to/from downtown can often slow to a walk, so plan accordingly.

Screens and capacity: Topfer seats 420.

Parking: Very limited. You can't use the parking lots reserved for Zach Theatre. Most street parking is residential permit only. This is not a good location to park for a full fest day -- plan to park downtown or near another venue (like the Long Center) and take the shuttle.

Distance: You can walk to just about any non-satellite venue from here if you're a good walker.

On-site food and beverages: Topfer has a good bar setup inside, with some snacks available too.

Nearby dining options: If you're in a hurry, there's a Scholtzsky's right down the block. Go down to Barton Springs and try the venerable Green Mesquite BBQ if you have a little more time.

[Photo credit: "Zach Topfer Theater" by Peter Tsai of Peter Tsai Photography. Found on Flickr, used with permission, all rights reserved.]

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