Travel to 'Far Marfa' at Stateside


Far Marfa Still PhotoThe Stateside Independent film series and the Texas Independent Film Network are co-hosting the Austin premiere of the understated comedy Far Marfa, on Monday, February 25, at the Stateside Theatre. The 7 pm screening is already sold out, but tickets are still available for the 9:30 pm slot. This 2011 Texas Filmmakers Production Fund (TFPF) recipient film project features original music by local composer Graham Reynolds (Bernie, Before Midnight). Filmmakers will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A.

Writer/director Cory Van Dyke currently resides in Marfa, Texas, the west Texas town where this movie is set. Carter Frazier (Johnny Sneed) is just barely hanging onto an existence in a town where not much is needed much to get by. Without money or a job and a girlfriend who's recently moved out, Carter is desperately in need of a wake-up call, which comes from a brief but life-altering encounter with a stranger who turns out to be a famous modern artist, Steve Vincent (Steve Holzer).

When Carter is left holding a work of art after Vincent's alleged suicide, he must deal with the police as well as unscrupulous art dealers and drug mules. Lucky for Carter he encounters the enigmatic Quarry (Jolyn Janis), who helps him track down the artwork after it goes missing. The result is a hilarious journey full of encounters with small-town druggies and the local art scene snobs across the visually imagery of Marfa.

Folks should enjoy the witty dialogue and Sneed's entertaining performance as he deals with the instant karma bestowed upon a character who's been sleepwalking through life for too long. Watch the trailer for Far Marfa below:

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