Holiday Favorites 2012: Brandon Dickerson, 'Millions'


Welcome to Holiday Favorites, a series in which Slackerwood contributors and our friends talk about the movies we watch during the holiday season, holiday-related or otherwise. 

This installment comes from Brandon Dickerson, director and co-writer of Sironia.

Seeing a film on Christmas Day has been a tradition since I was a kid and one we've continued with our own family the past few years. We started early with special Alamo Drafthouse screenings of Gremlins and It's a Wonderful Life with our kids and I'm certain that Elf and Love Actually will be enjoyed at home in the few days leading up to Christmas celebrations.

Whereas all of those films would make my "Holiday Favorite" list, along with A Christmas Story, my absolute favorite movie to enjoy during the winter holidays is Millions. Danny Boyle's playfully directed story of a seven-year-old boy who discovers a bag of English pounds just days before the currency is switched to euros, grabs me every time I see it. It's also at the top of my "man-I-wish-I-somehow-directed-that-film" list.

Interesting enough, the film wasn't originally released in December -- even though the film is set around the holidays and the boy believes the money is a gift from Heaven and sets out to help everyone in need. 

Millions is funny, yet heartfelt, with fantastic cinematography and music. Boyle somehow pulls off a lighthearted tone amid profound questions of honest faith and humanity by presenting the ethical dilemma: "Can anyone be truly good?" The film is a wonderful ride with rich characters and smoking saints. 

"Have you ever seen Millions?" remains one of my favorite gifts to give friends for Christmas. This year, to save you from tears, give it to someone special who's going to watch the same holiday film for the umpteenth time. 

Want to watch? Millions is available on DVD, and you can rent it from Vulcan locally. You can also find it on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.