Fantastic Fest 2012 Lineup: The Austin Connections


The Quiet Girl's Guide to Violence

This week, Fantastic Fest announced the final wave of its 2012 features and shorts programming. Many of the films were from other countries -- Fantastic Fest tends to have an international flavor, rather than a regional one. This is an elegant way of saying that you don't see a lot of Lone Star movies in the festival lineup. However, there are always one or two local gems to uncover at the fest.

Here are the Austin-connected films I've found (so far) that will screen during Fantastic Fest 2012. If I've missed something, please let me know in the comments. This list doesn't include bumpers -- the short shorts that screen before each movie at the fest -- but there are always a few memorable Austin-shot bumpers at the fest every year, so keep an eye out.

The Features:

  • The ABCs of Death -- The official release date for this Drafthouse Films-produced horror anthology has been pushed back to 2013, but Fantastic Fest-goers still have the chance to see it soon. Austin-born filmmaker/actress Angela Bettis shot her segment in Austin with some local crew.
  • The American Scream -- Alamo programmer Zack Carlson is one of the producers of this documentary from Michael Stephenson (Best Worst Movie). It's about homemade haunted houses in a small Massachusetts town and the families who stage them.
  • Sinister -- Austin film critic C. Robert Cargill co-scripted this horror movie about a true-crime novelist discovering found footage. The film had a secret screening at SXSW this year -- read J.C.'s review and Jordan's interview (which includes a great photo of Cargill).

The Shorts:


  • Dialogue (pictured above) -- Slackerwood's been following the filmmakers working on the VHS documentary Rewind This! for awhile, but I had no idea that the trio -- Josh Johnson, Carolee Mitchell and Christopher Palmer -- also recently made a short film. Really short, as it's one minute long. The official description says "A couple struggles with an unexpected development" but I suspect the whole thing will be unexpected. Local filmmaker Eduardo Garcia is the film's DP.
  • The Quiet Girl's Guide to Violence (pictured at top) -- Local filmmaker Rafael Antonio Ruiz (Holy Hell) brings us a revenge movie set during the Christmas season. The cast includes filmmaker Geoff Marslett, Byron Brown (Cinema Six) and co-writer Jennymarie Jemison (Austin High). More info is available on the film's Tumblr site.