Texas Frightmare 2012: A Very 'Carrie' Reunion


Carrie cast at Texas Frightmare Weekend

Texas Frightmare Weekend offered a diverse array of entertainment for horror fans of all generations. Indie film nerds could check out indie flicks of all budgets while fans of classic and old school horror could meet and talk to stars of films from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. All of these celebrities gathered in one place, creating some great opportunities to discuss classic moments from the history of cinema.

Once such moment was a reunion of three cast members from the classic movie Carrie (1976). Actresses Nancy Allen, P.J. Soles and three-time Oscar nominee Piper Laurie spent an hour sharing anecdotes from the making of the film.

All three women had different motivations for taking the job. Laurie, who played Carrie's mother Margaret, was retired from acting when she got the script, and was actually told that it was a satire when she took the role. It wasn't until rehearsals started that director Brian De Palma informed her that it was a drama/thriller.

Both Allen and Soles took the job because they were starting their careers and felt like it was a great career move. They were initially a part of a cattle-call audition where half the room went to the Carrie audition while the other half went to a little-known science-fiction film called Star Wars.

They shared that Sissy Spacek kept to herself through the production but that the kids, including John Travolta, all had a blast. De Palma fell in love with Soles' onscreen presence so much that he kept her on for the entire movie, as opposed to the original week-long stint. They discussed goofing off and Steven Spielberg showing up to hit on the young actresses.

Much of the conversation focused on Laurie and her portrayal of Margaret White, Carrie's intense mother. Laurie remembered trying to avoid rehearsals so her reactions would be more natural.

The end of the Q&A turned toward the issue of remakes and the upcoming Carrie reboot. All three actresses were vehemently against the remake of the film, noting that no one could play Margaret White the way Piper Laurie did. The women exited the stage to thunderous applause.

[Photo credit: "Piper Laurie, Nancy Allen and P.J. Soles" by Carlo Rodriguez.]