Alamo Drafthouse -- Slaughter

5701 W. Slaughter Lane, Austin TX 78739
(512) 476-1320


Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane, known as Alamo Slaughter, has 8 screens of varying sizes, and an adjacent tequila bar, 400 Rabbits.

Pros: Like other Alamo Drafthouses: pre-show clips, food and beer. The theater chain has a serious "no talking/texting" policy during screenings. This is a relatively new theater with some very comfy seats and spiffy new projection and audio equipment.

Cons: If you don't live in the neighborhood, the far-south location can be a bit of a drive. The table-for-two layout takes some getting used to -- you might like the back row, where the tables are on the sides rather than in front. The seats aren't on risers so the waitstaff are at your level when they walk down the rows.

Screens and capacity: Eight theaters with stadium seating varying in size from 32 seats to 200-ish, all with Sony 4K digital. The theater does not have 35mm projection equipment.

Parking: Parking can be tight, especially on weekends, especially since NxNW opened nearby. If you haven't been here before, the one entrance is on Slaughter Lane -- be watchful and don't pass it up, because it can be a pain to get back there again.

Bus routes: The theater is well out of range of any Cap Metro route at this time, we're sorry to note.

Distance: Alamo Slaughter is nearly 12 miles from the center of downtown Austin. If you're zipping between venues and events during a film festival, allow a minimum of 20 minutes to get here from downtown, not allowing for traffic.

On-site dining options: Full menu including wine, beer and cocktails (we're told we should try the Paloma and the Dark & Stormy). You can view the Alamo Slaughter menu, which also includes helpful hints on the ordering process, and information on gluten-free and vegetarian items. Try the veggie burger, with a locally made veggie patty. In addition, 400 Rabbits has a full bar and a half-dozen snack options (many with magical pork).

Nearby dining options: North by Northwest shares a parking lot with Alamo Slaughter so you can walk right over there before/after a movie. You can drive over to William Cannon (one stop up Mopac) for more places to eat.

[Photo credit: "Alamo Slaughter lobby" by Jodi Bart of Tasty Touring. Found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.]