Hellion Sundance Chronicles #4 and #5: The Premiere


The Hellion filmmakers have sent us another pair of web episodes from their escapades in Park City. Specifically, we're getting videos from E.J. Enriquez, who's actually shooting and editing them -- he also did some camera work on Hellion itself.

Episode 4 -- no, it's not titled A New Hope and you know I don't want to hear that kind of thing -- was shot at the world premiere of the short film at Sundance earlier this week. This video is a departure from the other chronicles in the sense that it's genuine and sweet and a little touching, as opposed to merely silly. I just want to give Kat Candler a big hug. It's the longest of the videos so far but still moves quickly.

The episodes return to form with #5, titled "Utah State Fun Facts" and featuring actor Jonny Mars. That should tell you everything you need to know.

And they're not done yet ... I'm told more episodes are forthcoming.