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Heroes of Old Hickory Happy Vet

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This month marked the 60th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces, and December 7 is recognized as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to honor those who died during the attacks. The number of remaining World War II veterans who can recount their stories is dwindling, including American veterans from Texas.

Local filmmaker Lew Adams is racing against time to document one of the last unknown stories in the film project currently funding through Kickstarter, Heroes of Old Hickory. Adams is capturing the untold story of the 30th Infantry Division, featuring true accounts from American veterans -- seen above visiting one of the towns they liberated -- from San Antonio, Austin and other parts of Texas and the US as well as the Europeans they freed. The 30th Infantry Division was top-rated in the European theatre of operations in terms of overall combat operations and effectiveness. Despite being recommended for the Presidential Unit Citation by SL Marshal and General Eisenhower, the 30th Infantry Division never received their Presidential Unit Citation.

The goal of Heroes of Old Hickory is to ensure that the 30th Infantry Division veterans' story is told and that they are awarded their citation. Considering the men's ages (now in their late 80s and 90s) and the time required to complete the final scenes, screenwriting, music, narration, research, collecting the WWII footage, and complete the editing -- time is running out. The filmmakers are attempting to raise $360,000 by Sunday, January 22.

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Nemesis Rising

In 2010, Fantastic Fest was the first film festival to present the stage version of director/producer/writer Jason Neulander's The Intergalactic Nemesis, projecting the comic book artwork panel-by-panel while three actors performed the voices, one foley artist created sound effects, and keyboardist Graham Reynolds played the score live.

Intergalactic Nemesis has succeeded in amazing audiences across America and even on Broadway. One of the Fantastic Fest regulars is Eric Stewart, co-founder of the Comic Book Society and art director for SCARE for a CURE. After meeting and be-friending the Intergalactic Nemesis performers, Stewart and director/cinematographer Anton Curley are documenting their story in a new film project for which they are seeking funding through Kickstarter, Nemesis Rising.

Stewart and Curley have captured footage of performances in both Austin and Houston and are interviewing all the cast members and people that have helped The Intergalactic Nemesis along its journey. With additional funding, the filmmakers will be able to travel across the US to obtain additional footage of the cast and crew on the road, as well as audience interviews to present a cross-section of America's reaction to Intergalactic Nemesis.

Incentives range from film credits to DVDs and even tickets to the premiere -- knowing that the incredibly talented Tim Doyle is the creative hand behind the pencil and inks of The Intergalactic Nemesis, I have my eye on a movie poster at a minimum!

Other locally connected film projects in need of donors this month include:

  • The Year of the Cooperative -- The United Nations has declared 2012 the year of cooperative education in the hopes that communal ways of living will find their way into nations across the globe. Through a two-month journey across the United States, local student filmmakers will explore in this feature-length documentary the economic, environmental, and social impact co-ops have on society through the lives of multiple individuals living in a communal setting. (Kickstarter, ends Thursday, January 5, 2:20 am CST)
  • Point of Interest -- This sci-fi comedy short is about two buddies on a road trip gone awry when they discover their new GPS named "Rhonda" is actually an alien robot sent to probe select human hosts. The film project is from the talented individuals at local production and SFX studio, Archimedes Lab. (Kickstarter, ends Friday, January 13, 11:28 am CST)
  • Amnesia -- This movie is about surviving and love, against the world of human trafficking and violations of patients' rights, based on the true stories of people and patients -- from both survivors and stories of those who succumbed. (Kickstarter, ends Monday, January 2, 4:13 pm CST)
  • Past Hondo -- This narrative feature centers around Iraq veteran Tom Cockrel, fresh out of the military and transitioning into a new career. Tom symbolizes all that can go wrong while away -- his long-divorced parents both died during his deployments, his fiancé left him.  Tom struggles back and forth with what he wants to do with his life and what he thinks he's supposed to do. The filmmakers just returned this month from their own deployments. (Kickstarter, ends Monday, January 16, 12:23 pm CST)
  • The Resurrection  -- This movie tells the story of a boy who decides to kill an injured bird he finds in his neighbor's yard, and the consequences of his actions. In this film, experimental filmmaker Tony Costello explores the chaotic nature of family dynamics. (Ends Wednesday, January 4, 2:11 am CST)
  • HOA -- This comedy is about a corrupt homeowners' association board that finds a way to pin their embezzlement on the undesirable residents in their neighborhood. The new misfit board members must pay for the previous board’s crimes or serve their time wrongfully. (Kickstarter, ends Wednesday, January 4, 11:45 pm CST)

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