Fantastic Fest Photos: Angels and Airwaves Presents 'Love'


Angels and Airwaves presents LOVE Red Carpet

Cinematographer William Eubank made his writing and directing debut earlier this year with Love (aka Angels & Airwaves Presents Love), a late addition to this year's Fantastic Fest lineup. Eubank was joined on the red carpet on Wednesday by executive producer Thomas DeLonge and lead actor Gunner Wright. The filmmakers were caught by a surprise special guest: Richard Garriott, real-life astronaut and star of Richard Garriott: Man on a Mission, who moderated an engaging Q&A after the Fantastic Fest screening. 

Love is an inspirational and lovely cinematic journey into the past and future. After losing contact with Earth, astronaut Lee Miller becomes stranded in orbit alone aboard the International Space Station. As time passes and life support systems dwindle, Lee battles to maintain his sanity ... and simply stay alive. His world is a claustrophobic and lonely existence until he makes a strange discovery aboard the ship. The film was funded by the musical group Angels & Airwaves, led by Thomas DeLonge of Blink 182.

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Gunner Wright on the LOVE Red Carpet

Gunner Wright on the red carpet with astronauts. As the main character in Love, Wright plays American astronaut Lee Miller, who becomes stranded aboard an international space station.

Richard Garriott Moderates LOVE Q & A

Richard Garriott asking a question of Love executive producer Thomas DeLonge during Q & A session.


Writer/director William Eubank waiting for introduction to the audience.

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[Photo credits: "Love Red Carpet: Richard Garriott, Gunner Wright, William Eubank, Thomas DeLonge," Gunner Wright with Astronauts," "Richard Garriott with Tom Delonge,, "William Eubank," by Debbie Cerda. All rights reserved.]