SXSW Photo Essay: John Corbett Parties with 'Natural Selection'


John Corbett, Jon Gries and Tara Novick

My experience this year at SXSW has been fairly relaxed as I decided to take time off from the red-carpet frenzy for a more unstructured approach. Being without a firm schedule was a little unnerving at first, but I've discovered that it's a great way to let SXSW serendipity lend a hand to great experiences.

One of those moments happened yesterday when I skipped the AFF Hair of the Dog Brunch to attend an early screening of Natural Selection at the newly renovated State Theatre. Despite the time change, a good crowd turned out for this narrative competition film. I was not disappointed, as I was thoroughly entertained and touched by the story and characters of Natural Selection -- check back this week for my review.

After the screening, I was invited to the premiere party for Natural Selection, which included a modest gathering of the cast and crew with family, friends and supporters. We were pleasantly surprised when actor/musician John Corbett (Sex and the City, Serendipity) showed up with a couple of his bandmates -- turns out that he and Natural Selection supporting actor Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite, Men in Black) -- seen above with Corbett and Tara Novick -- are longtime friends. Check out more photos after the jump:

Robbie Pickering and Rachael Harris of Natural Selection with John Corbett

Natural Selection writer/director Robbie Pickering and lead actress Rachael Harris (The Soloist, The Hangover) with Corbett.


Robbie Pickering, Rachael Harris and Matt O'Leary (Live Free or Die Hard, Spy Kids 2 and 3) of Natural Selection.


Actor Jon Gries onstage with former Stray Cats and John Corbett Band member Tara Novick.

Natural Selection SXSW additional screenings are Monday, March 14, 9 pm at Alamo Lamar - Theater B, and Friday, March 18, 4 pm at the State Theatre.

[Photo Credit: Debbie Cerda, on Flickr]