Quick Snaps: The Red in 'Red White and Blue'


Since Simon Rumley's Red White & Blue will be returning for a screening at Fantastic Fest this week, I felt it was high time I shared an exclusive behind-the-scene photo I'd taken during the shoot at our house, where part of the film was shot. Nick Ashy Holden ("Alvin") was taking a coffee break while Emmy award nominee makeup artist Meredith Johns (off-screen) put, the finishing touches on his special effects makeup. 

With all the new media nowadays it's increasingly difficult for filmmakers to keep a lid on their projects, but it's also a great way for filmmakers to promote their films with less money and effort if done properly. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger are not only free, but can have a viral effect if fans help promote a film. Red White & Blue was able to secure locations and extras through the Alamo Drafthouse blog, and is how our house was selected as a filming location. Check out more behind-the-scenes photos after the jump.

Marc Senter

In Red White & Blue, Marc Senter (seen above) portrays Franki, the young and hotheaded rocker who's ready for his band to break it big -- until he crosses paths with the wrong gal. Senter recently wrapped work on a feature film Brawler, which was shot in New Orleans. Currently in post-production, Brawler is expected to be released sometime in 2011.


Austin actor Patrick Crovo plays Carl, the final member of the band -- look closely at the photo above and you may notice that Crovo's movements were a bit restricted as he was prepped for a scene. Despite temperatures hitting triple digits during their fast-paced shooting schedule last summer, cast and crew were in good spirits throughout filming.

If you missed Red White & Blue at its South by Southwest premiere, Fantastic Fest attendees will have a chance to see this controversial dark film Saturday, September 25, at 6:05 pm at the Alamo South Lamar. Director Simon Rumley and producer Bob Portal will be in attendance. Afterwards a select group from the crowd will be invited to join a bus crawl to all the bars featured in the film -- not recommended for the weak-hearted!

[Photo credits: Nick Ashy Holden, Marc Senter, and Patrick Crovo, by Debbie Cerda on Flickr]