Quick Snaps: My Most Popular Flickr Photo


Duff Beer at the Simpsons Feast, by J. Kernion

That's right. The most popular photo I have ever posted to Flickr is a bottle of beer -- Duff Beer, to be precise. Admittedly you can't pick up a frosty Duff Beer at any convenience store, unless you are a character on The Simpsons.

The photo is from the Alamo Drafthouse feast-and-screening of The Simpsons Movie, nearly three years ago. I still remember that feast with fondness, even though the combination of heavy food and beer pairings made me late to work the next day, and not that productive when I got there. (I don't work there anymore so I can confess that now.) Check out the above-linked entry for more photos, most of which I find more entertaining than the beer bottle, myself.

My husband picked up a Blu-ray of The Simpsons Movie and we watched it again a month or so ago. Yes, we did miss some amusing little visual details because we were trying to dine on Blinky and Moe's birthday fries. However, the movie is not nearly as good as, say, Season Four of The Simpsons, and I think we did the right thing by watching it during the feast. Besides, how often do you get to enjoy a feast with Duff beer pairings? I admit I'd probably go to more Alamo feasts if they offered beer pairings instead of wine. Yep, that's a hint.