Regal Westgate 11 Theatres

4477 South Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78745
(512) 899-2013

Westgate 11 Theatres is part of the large national Regal Cinemas chain. The theater usually shows first-run movies but in 2011, is being used as a SXSW venue for the first time. It has 11 screens, one of which will be used during SXSW. SXSW is billing Westgate and Arbor as "SXSatellite venues" that are intended to appeal to Austin festgoers (or anyone who wants to buy a ticket).

Pros: Because of its distance from downtown, this will be a very good SXSW venue for Austinites with cars, especially if you are hoping to see movies on a film pass or with individual tickets.

Cons: Traffic to/from downtown to Westgate can be very heavy during rush hour. Make sure you allow plenty of time to get here if you are traveling from the Paramount or Ritz. Audio and picture quality have been inconsistent at Westgate in the past, but we're hoping that SXSW quality control means it won't be a problem for the fest.

Screens and Capacity: Eleven screens. The theater being used for SXSW will seat 175.

Parking: Westgate has a large, ample parking lot.

Bus routes: The #338 (which requires a walk from Congress) will take you from Westgate to Alamo on South Lamar as well as downtown. For more information, visit the Capital Metro website (hint: click the Service Nearby link then select Submit). 

Distance: It's nearly a three-mile walk to Alamo on South Lamar, and more than four miles to reach downtown. If you don't have a car, then take a bus, call a cab or find a friendly Austinite to give you a lift.

Nearby dining options: Westgate is adjacent to a strip mall with good options for dinner or a snack. Hyde Park Grill has excellent brunches, lunches and dinners -- if you want to achieve near-cardiac arrest, try their Horseshoe open-faced burger. Madam Mam's, across the street, has great Thai food. Central Market, the nearby chi-chi grocery, has a cafe and a salad bar. And an Amy's Ice Creams is in the same strip mall as Central Market. If you drive down South Lamar to/from downtown, you'll find a wealth of dining possibilities from family-friendly Phil's Burgers to the small trendy Barley Swine.

Wireless: No wireless in the theater itself.