Fantastic Fest Wants Us All to Dress Like Bruce Lee


Finishing the Game at FFOne of the films I've been looking forward to seeing at Fantastic Fest this year is Finishing The Game, a mock-documentary based on the real-life premise of finding stand-ins for Bruce Lee so his final movie, The Game of Death, could be completed. The Justin Lin film sounds like lots of fun, but leave it to Fantastic Fest to find a way to add even more fun to the mix.

Austinist is teaming up with the festival to host a Bruce Lee lookalike contest, with a grand finale planned during the festival screenings of the film. You can read all the details on Austinist. The contest is essentially in two parts -- the first contest takes place now, and you send your photo/video to Austinist, with voting to occur on the Austinist site. Prizes include Fantastic Fest badges or passes to see Finishing the Game.

The second contest takes place live in person at the actual Finishing the Game screenings, with a grand prize of a month's free kung fu classes and some pretty nifty runners-up prizes too. Tim League posted on the Fantastic Fest site that even if you don't think you can win the contest, he'd love to see as many festival attendees as possible dressed up in "Brucewear." He writes, "Let's get as much Bruce as we can in one theater for the Brucinest event in theatrical history!" Now I'm wondering if we'll see Mr. League dressed up as Bruce Lee, too. This screening should be an event to remember.