Ladies and gentlemen, an Idiocracy trailer


Idiocracy DVDFinally, everyone has a chance to see Mike Judge's film Idiocracy, like it or not, since it's being released on DVD today. To help you decide, Amazon has posted a trailer for the film. Yes, that's right, an actual trailer! I have no idea if this was whipped up especially for the DVD release, or if it was one of the trailers that Fox allegedly created when they were trying to figure out how to market this movie. (As we know, they finally decided not to market it at all.)

The trailer is very odd if you've seen the movie, and I think it sells the comedy aspects of the film poorly. Maya Rudolph isn't in the trailer at all, despite being a co-star, and Dax Shepherd is barely visible as well. It is all about Luke Wilson. Although the trailer does reveal the plot about Wilson's character being the smartest person alive when he is sent to the future, it does not show just how stupid the future U.S. citizens are. And of course it contains none of the riffs on large corporations, which are often the funniest part of the movie. Finally, the trailer simply isn't cut very well -- maybe it's because the trailer editors had to cut around a lot of language that was considered inappropriate for an Amazon trailer (all of that "fag" and "tard" business), but there are abrupt cuts made in mid-dialogue. I'm not sure (heh, "not sure") what the target audience is supposed to be for the trailer, but that may illustrate the whole marketing problem for the film, right there.

By the way, Slackerwood now has categories, and I set one up especially for Idiocracy -- so if you want to read all the coverage posted to the site about this film, just click the little "Idiocracy" link next to the entry byline. I also wrote a column summarizing the situation for Cinematical a couple of months ago. I feel like Bilge Ebiri (at ScreenGrab, Nerve's film blog) and I have covered the hell out of this movie in the past four months, and I hope someday we are rewarded by getting to find out exactly what the hell happened ... from Mike Judge.

In the meantime, yes, I am buying the Idiocracy DVD -- although at nearly $20 on Amazon, it's pretty damn pricey for something the studio is trying to dump. The only special features are some deleted scenes, although I don't care much about special features myself. However, I would have loved seeing some of the other trailers Fox put together that were ultimately rejected. [Trailer link found via Movie Marketing Madness.]

Looking forward to getting

Looking forward to getting this. Got to see it when it opened here in Austin. Poke