UPDATE: POSTPONED Win Tickets to See 'Bindlestiffs' and Kevin Smith in Austin


Bindlestiffs poster

Editor's Note, June 11, 4:45 pm: I've just received word that the Bindlestiffs tour is being postponed, with new dates not yet finalized. I will keep you all posted, and am hoping we can still draw a name and give away tickets when a new date is set. I appreciate all of you who have posted such fascinating comments, and apologize for the delay.

When I saw Bindlestiffs at Dallas International Film Festival in April, I was appalled and offended. And now that it's coming back to Austin, I want to see it again. It's that kind of appalling. This is the first feature from Houston schoolmates Andrew Edison and Luke Loftin, who started working on this movie while they were in high school. They not only co-wrote the film but co-star as two of the three high-school boys whose weekend in the big city -- Houston, although it's not specified -- goes horribly awry.

The filmmakers are in their twenties now and taking their movie on a roadshow tour of the country. They're joined by Kevin Smith, whose SModcast Pictures picked up the movie for distribution earlier this year after its premiere at Slamdance, where it won an audience award. It's the first film SModcast Pictures is distributing, using a model similar to the way Smith distributed his movie Red State in 2011.

On Monday, June 18, Bindlestiffs will have two screenings at Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar with Edison, Lofton and Smith here participating in a Q&A afterward. I can tell you from Dallas IFF that Edison and Lofton can hold a very lively Q&A, and most of you know that Smith is a master at audience interaction. Tickets are now available online for the event. Three levels of tickets are available from $50 to $100 -- the higher-priced tickets also get you a pre-order of the movie on DVD. It looks like the 6 pm show is already selling out of the lowest-tier of tickets, so if you want to attend this event you should buy your tickets now.

Slackerwood has a pair of tickets to give away to the 7 pm screening of Bindlestiffs in Austin. After the jump, you can read the details about how to enter a drawing to get them yourself.

To enter the drawing for the Bindlestiffs tickets, simply post a comment to this page about the most offensive movie you've ever seen, and why -- don't give us the R-rated details, though. Keep it PG if you can; the idea is not to offend us. Post your comments by 5 pm CST on Monday, June 11, 2012. We'll then draw a winner at random and let you know. Please include an email address when you post your comment so we know how to get in touch with you (I promise we won't use it for nefarious marketing purposes).

A few rules: Slackerwood contributors and AFS staff/interns can't enter the contest (sorry, don't hate me, I'm not eligible either), and entrants must be at least 18 years old since the screening is at an Alamo Drafthouse. You can enter only one time. If your name is drawn, we will have two tickets for the 7 pm show on June 18 at Alamo South waiting for you at the theater at will-call. And if you are completely disgusted by the movie and not in an entertaining way, you can't hold me liable. You have been warned.

Offensive movies

Oh, there are all kinds of offensive. Eraserhead comes to mind. It's not the fun kind of offensive, though. It's the kind of offensive that makes you unable to sleep for a week afterward. I'm going to have a nightmare tonight just because I typed the title.

A more recent offensive movie that I actually liked is The Dictator -- offensive because the main character is really, truly an antihero. The movie follows the regular romantic comedy plot, but the dude really doesn't have a redeeming quality.

The most offensive movie I've

The most offensive movie I've ever seen was Pink Flamingos. I love John Waters, and thought "hey, this is a classic, I should really watch it!!" It started out with horrible acting, but I figured I could stomach continuing on. It reminded me of an uncomfortable high school play. As I started watching more and more of it, it turned into the most vile and disgusting movie I've ever seen. And yeah, I'm not really offended by anything. I think between the chicken f$&@ing and the eating of dog poop at the end, I was thoroughly disgusted. The only redeeming quality was Divine, but even she did a horrible job in it compared to other movies.

Considering I haven't seen "a serbian film"...

I'd say the most offensive film I've ever seen was called "Fight For Your Life", a 1977 exploitation movie about a home invasion by three escaped inmates. It had a good bout of violence and nasty language, but the real disturbing part of the film was it's extreme racism. It centered around a quiet, happy, black family that is suddenly overtaken by a white trash redneck, a tatted gangbanger mexican, and a crazy asian. I guess the writers thought that if they wrote it entirely racist, then maybe it would somehow not be racist. This was not the case. What put it over the top for me was that in the DVD features, they featured a "black" or a "white" trailer. The "black" trailer focused on the close knit family banding together to fight the evil people in their house. The "white" trailer focused on the violence spearheaded by the white trash guy. The "black" trailer made it look like the family won in the end, whereas the "white" trailer made it looked like they all got brutalized. Definitely stuck with me.

The most offensive movie I

The most offensive movie I have ever seen is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, by Kevin Smith. I loved it, laughed out loud throughout the entire movie and was, concurrently, appalled that I was laughing at some of the most offensive stuff I had ever heard or seen on the screen.

Most Offensive Movie

The Human Centipede - Brings a whole new meaning to butt to mouth.

The most disturbing/offensive

The most disturbing/offensive film I've ever seen is most definitely A Serbian Film. Either that or Cannibal Holocaust. The visceral violence, combined with disturbing images of sex and sexual brutality in both movies really made a lasting impression on me. The thing that really got me about CH was the "documentary lost footage" style filming. Very guerilla, and seemingly very raw.


Wow, Cannibal Holocaust is a good one, quite brutal. All the rape/homophobic stuff in Irreversible still holds up as some of the more offensive stuff I've ever seen on film. Falling into a coma after being raped? Ugh, what a lousy Friday night.

HC2 - Pedal to the metal level of offensiveness

Human Centipede 2.

Why? Sandpaper, barbed wire, and car accelerator. Need I say more?

Jersey Girl.... Kevin Smith

Jersey Girl.... Kevin Smith knows why

A Serbian Film

The most offensive movie that I have ever seen...hmmm...I've seen A LOT :) I would probably have to go with A Serbian Film, though. The filmmakers really pushed everything well beyond the line of good taste and acceptability on film. There are things that are so shocking in that film, I will probably never be able to strike them from my memory. And yet, I still found the film to be somewhat engaging and well made. Whether or not they succeeded in using their images to properly convey the "message" of the film is in question, but the shocking and offensive nature of the film is not. I wonder if the envelope will continue to be pushed further as we progress through this period of filmmaking.

Thundercrack of course!

I had seen a few sick things before, but nothing like this dark porn horror of the seventies. Thundercrack represented the pinnacle of an art John Waters aspired to do but could never pull off. Psycho and sex - about as much as anybody could want in one sitting. But mostly a barrel of laughs.

The most offensive movie i

The most offensive movie i have ever seen, has to be recently actually. Sasha Baron Cohen's film "the Dictator" was very very offensive. They criticized the Munich Olympics, showed extreme racism throughout the film, and disrespected every thing that was not in a dictatorship fashion.