Best of Animation Block Party

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 - 9:35pm

Rated NR; Director:Various
Alamo Website:  nimation Block Party, NYC's premiere animation festival, won't return to Brooklyn until July 2010, but the Alamo Drafthouse will offer your last chance to get a taste of ABP in 2009. This November, Animation Block Party will be showcasing some of its very best films in the history of the six year festival at the Drafthouse with a program that incorporates classics from the 2004-2009 archives alongside new films that premiered at the ABP festival this past summer. The exclusive Drafthouse program includes a never before seen stop-motion cartoon starting iconic stoner, Chef Barry in his culinary show Cooking 420 with Chef Barry. Other keynotes will include Backwards from Texas native, Aaron Hughes and producer, Lisa LaBracio, Craig T. Squirrel from Mike Hollingsworth, art-school opus MFA Show from Rob Bohn, lovesick tale Replacement Dog from Garrett Koeppicus, cute bunny gone bad blip In the Beginning by Choom, fresh shorts from cartoon duo nockFORCE and much more.