Decisions, decisions: Tuesday, April 18


I'm hoping that "Decisions, decisions" will become a regular feature about days when Austin filmgoers have an unusually large number of special screenings from which to choose. One thing about starting a site is that you never know which feature ideas will carry and which will die a slow, unnoticed death.

I'm still deciding which movie I'll see on Tuesday, April 18. Here are the choices so far:

  • Pavement Butterfly at Alamo Downtown (7 pm)—This 1929 film, which stars Anna May Wong, is part of the Austin Film Society series "Three Actresses Abroad." Since I'm an AFS member, admission is free. This may be the only opportunity to see this movie anytime soon, since it's not on DVD.
  • Nobelity at The Paramount (8 pm)—I missed Turk Pipkin's documentary about Nobel Prize winners when it premiered at SXSW last month. Fortunately, here's another chance to catch the film.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey at Alamo on South Lamar (7 pm)—I have never seen this movie, because I felt it wasn't worthwhile unless I saw it on a theater-sized screen. Now here's my chance. The movie is also playing on Wednesday, but I'm planning to go to the Nueva Onda movie night then.
  • Los Trabajadores (The Workers) at Ruiz Branch Library (7 pm)—The Mayor's Book Club is sponsoring this free screening of Heather Courtney's documentary about Austin day laborers. I liked Letters from the Other Side and would enjoy seeing another of Courtney's films.
  • Donnie Darko at Rounders Pizzeria (8 pm)—Rounders shows DVDs every Tuesday night. I wouldn't pick this over one of the rarer opportunities listed above, but it sounds like a good option if you want to watch a good movie while scarfing down some pizza. Usually Rounders shows a kids' movie at 6 pm, but I couldn't find a listing this week.

Currently, Pavement Butterfly and Nobelity are at the top of my list. I may not decide until Tuesday afternoon. Which one would you pick?