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Katy was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where she developed an eclectic love of all things film – from JURASSIC PARK to GONE WITH THE WIND. She moved to Austin to get her RTF degree from the University of Texas and never left the Bat City. She currently serves at the Community Education Manager at the Austin Film Society. Before AFS, she worked as the Video Game & Animation Industry Liaison for the Texas Film Commission, where she grew the State’s educational opportunities and economic benefits. She’s also had her hand in other aspects of filmmaking, working as Assistant Managing Director for CinemaTexas Short Film Festival and doing research and publicity for the documentary RICHARD GARRIOTT: MAN ON A MISSION. Katy has a Master’s Degree from the UT School of Information and has served on the Steering Committee for non-profit arts organization StrataTX. In those rare moments that she’s not working on, talking about or experiencing the moving image industry, Katy is indulging in her love of historical fiction and digital archives.


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