Podcast #14: Fantastic Fest and 'Zombieland'


Day Two: Zombieland

In podcast #14, Jenn, Jette and Debbie discuss the most memorable parts of Fantastic Fest. Jenn may have caught the Fantastic Flu, but that doesn't stop us from talking about our favorite movies, the fest's gala screenings and red-carpet events, and other fun moments at the festival.

The podcast also includes Zombieland red-carpet interview clips: Woody Harrelson talks about how he managed eating Hostess products while on a raw-food diet, Emma Stone reveals the truth about the heavy-duty machine guns she wielded in the film, director Ruben Fleischer talks about visual effects ... and Jesse Eisenberg loves the name "Slackerwood," earning a special place in our hearts. Hope to see you on Twitter and Facebook soon, Jesse.

Listen to podcast #14 now.

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