Slackery News Tidbits, July 24


Here's the latest in Austin film news.

  • So long, TV networks? Austin Business Journal reported that media experts predict Web productions, such as those produced by Transmedia Austin in the newly renovated Austin Studios, are the future. Locally produced Web series Ain't It Cool With Harry Knowles, Weatherman With Kelli Bland and The Quiet Girl's Guide to Violence have utilized traditional advertisement models, corporate branding and websites such as Kickstarter to finance their projects.
  • Speaking of Austin Studios, Austin City Hall was transformed into an Arizona location last Thursday for an episode of the second season of ABC Family's The Lying Game, KXAN reported. The series, about a teenager in foster care who switches places with her long-lost identical twin sister in hopes of uncovering the truth of their separation, is primarily filmed at the 20-acre production facility.
  • Austin-based IPF Productions has been invited to the inaugural Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous and International Co-Production Market in conjunction with Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, the company reported. Representatives will participate in the conference panel "Transmedia Promotion Before and During Production," which will focus on ways people can utilize the Internet to gain audience involvement during the early stages of a project. IPF Productions is working on the documentary Rewind This!, about the evolution of VHS tapes.
  • The Cine Las Americas 2012 award-winning film Las Malas Intenciones, about an early 1980s Peruvian girl with an often morbid imagination, will screen at 7 pm tonight at Alamo South Lamar. Check out the trailer below.