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  • Austin Chronicle - Remembering Corey Mitchell - 16 hours ago
    Author, co-founder of Housecore Horror, doting father
  • Slackerwood - Movies This Week: October 31-November 6, 2014 - 18 hours ago
     The Austin Film Society's "Art Horror" series is wrapping up appropriately here over Halloween weekend with Hausu, a 1977 Japanese horror film directed by Nobuhiko Obayshi. Screening this evening and again on Sunday afternoon in 35mm at the Marchesa, I can guarantee that you've never seen anything like it before...
  • Austin Chronicle - Guzu Gets Ghoulish - 19 hours ago
    Sneak peek at new gallery Halloween show, opening tonight
  • AFS Viewfinders - Horror Host Zacherley's 1967 Halloween Dance Party Show Is WILD - 19 hours ago
    Zacherley The Cool Ghoul (aka John Zacherle, born in 1918 and still alive!!!) hosted late night Chiller Theater broadcasts of classic horror movies in New York and Philadelphia in the '50s and '60s. His monster schtick followed him around to his next job too, hosting a teen dance party show called Disk-O-Teen in...
  • Austin Chronicle - Austin Film Festival: Jon Stewart Closes Out Fest - 21 hours ago
    Jon Stewart caps his week in Austin with Rosewater debut
  • AFS Viewfinders - Selected Shorts: Mondo's Justin Ishmael Presents GIANT GOD WARRIOR APPEARS IN TOKYO - 21 hours ago
    Our ongoing Selected Shorts series presents different short films presented by creative luminary types. This time we have a short provided for us by Justin Ishmael, CEO of Mondo, the world's leading purveyors of specialty printed posters and more.Here's Justin:I took a trip to Japan a few years ago and happened upon...
  • Slackerwood - AFF Review: 21 Years: Richard Linklater - 22 hours ago
    21 Years: Richard Linklater, which had its world premiere at Austin Film Festival on Oct. 24, primarily consists of two types of footage: interviews with charismatic actors who have worked with Richard Linklater, and scenes from the director's films up to and including Before Midnight (Boyhood is mentioned in...
  • Austin Movie Blog - Jon Stewart, Maziar Bahari discus “Rosewater” - 22 hours ago
    This just in: Jon Stewart is a very funny guy. But so is Mazia Bahari and the the two played off each other beautifully in a 40-minute Q&A Thursday night at the Paramount after the screening of Stewart’s director debut “Rosewater,” about Bahari’s 2009 imprisonment and torture in Iran after...
  • Austin Movie Blog - AFF review: ROSEWATER - 23 hours ago
    You might recall that Jon Stewart took some time off from “The Daily Show” the summer of 2013 to direct his first feature film. “Rosewater,” the Austin Film Festival’s closing night movie, is that film. While very much a movie made by a first-timer with a modest, $10 million budget,...
  • Austin Chronicle - One in a Crowd: <i>What's Kind About the Dark</i> - 1 day ago
    Indie horror, just in time for Halloween
  • AFS Viewfinders - NYC to lose last film processing lab - 1 day ago
    The bad news keeps on coming for lovers of celluloid. Technicolor and Deluxe's joint film lab venture, Film Lab NY, just announced that it is closing its doors in December. It's important to note that here that Film Lab NY was one of the few places that made film processing affordable for independent filmmakers....
  • Slackerwood - AFF Review: Crazy Carl and His Man-Boobs: An Austin Love Story - 1 day ago
    With the influx of transplants, the rise of condos and office buildings across the Austin skyline, and the gentrification of much of Austin's eclectic areas, it can be hard to remember the vibrant time of the past. You could people -watch all day at local cafes including the original Quack's on the Drag -- actually...
  • Austin Chronicle - Guzu Gets Ghoulish - 1 day ago
    Sneak peek at new gallery Halloween show, opening tonight
  • Austin Movie Blog - AFF Review: 61 Bullets - 1 day ago
    In case you’ve completely forgotten your American history and want to know just how much a martyr Huey Long is in Louisiana, check out the opening scenes of Austin filmmakers David Modigliani and Louisiana Kreutz’s documentary “61 bullets.” There’s a load of school children on tour, being...